56,000 Acres, 200 Feet Wide, 2,300 Miles Long?

Dear Friends,

 Via the link below, you will find five videos. Each is a little over 4 minutes in length. Please take 20 minutes, or so, out of your busy schedules and watch each one.

 While wind energy is green, its transmission infrastructure is not. The Legislature decreed 2,300 miles of 345 kV lines be built to carry wind energy from West Texas to consumers along the I-35 corridor and eastward. The routing process is running roughshod over the very environment it purports to protect, not to mention the heritages of the land stewards who find themselves “in the way.”

 Some of the first lines to be built will cut through the open space of the Texas Hill Country, one of the state’s most well known natural environments. Area residents, as part of the Clear View Alliance (CVA) and others such as the Texas Wildlife Association (TWA), are working to make sure that, if the infrastructure is proven necessary, the 18-story high lines are sited so they do the least amount of ecological damage. Citizens are asking the Public Utility Commission to site the lines along existing rights-of-way and to use monopoles instead of the giant 4-legged lattice towers to protect the views. TWA and CVA are also fighting to ensure that affected landowners are justly compensated.

 Please take a few minutes and to help save Texas’ open space by:
1) Watching these videos on Texas Hill Country Transmission 
2) Sending your comments.
3) Passing this link and this opportunity on to others.

 Although this particular transmission line is confined to the Hill Country, it has the potential to set important precedents for proposed green energy transmission lines across the state. That’s why CVA and TWA have agreed to help spread the word to you – our valued supporters. Please take the time to view these videos, and then, please take action by letting your opinions be heard by our state’s leaders.

 The only thing standing between this sort of industrialization of our open space lands is us. The more people who speak up and stand up, the more likely that future generations of Texans will be able to enjoy our legendary wide-open spaces.  Please send this important message to other individuals and groups whose members might help in this timely effort.

 Thanks for all you do to conserve our natural resources and the heritages of our family lands.


About bebeebill

I have a passion for the great outdoors. I love to take kids hunting for the first time. I broker Texas ranches in between.
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