Hunting Journal Unpluged

Today, I want to tell you about a great find I made recentely.  My find is a product and company called GameTraxx.  With today’s technology advancements, such as trail cameras, GPS units, iPhones and Satellite imagery, we wanted to create a very easy to use but extremely powerful weapon for each outdoorsman’s toolbox.  For years I have used paper journals, trail cameras, topo-maps and satellite imagery during my many hunting and fishing trips around the United States. However, I was only able to use these tools independent of each other.  It was time to combine all of these technological advancements into a simple and easy to use weapon, hence the birth of

 They spent 1000’s of hours developing this tool and launching each subsequent new feature, ensuring that all the details were addressed properly to create a solid product for their members.  The launch of came in November 2007, and they have constantly added to the benefits a member receives, while keeping the price at  $29.95 per year. 

Quick Overview of what offers:

1.  Journaling Software for recording the events of when you were in the field;
2.  Automatic Weather Tracking for your specific area, which is automatically populated from one of the 1800 weather stations and into your journal for a quick review of weather vs activity;
3.  Photo Manager helps you sort your photos and tie them back to a specific journal entry and/or activity;
4.  Quick Stats page gives you a quick overview of your activity selected.  Giving you details such as buck/doe ratios, hours in the field and sightings per hour;
5.  Custom Online Journal allows you to quickly review days in the field, reviewing detail notes, sightings, photos and weather patterns of each day you spent in the field or on the water;
6.  Trail Cam Sync is the hottest tool out their for trail cam users.  Allowing you to download 1000’s of events and compare the pictures’ to weather patterns for a never before seen look at your trail cam pictures.

7.  iPhone Application – Launching Soon – which will give you the ease and access to enter reports from the field – never missing any details;
8.  Interactive Mapping – Launching Summer 2010 – this INCREDIBLE new innovative feature will allow you to enter and view sightings and harvests on a satellite image of your hunting and fishing areas;
I love my GameTraxx app and know you will too.


About bebeebill

I have a passion for the great outdoors. I love to take kids hunting for the first time. I broker Texas ranches in between.
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