Texas Ranch Water Issues

Water is the new oil in Texas.  What names do we have for water?  You have water shed, water wells, ground water, surface water, acre feet of water, wet weather creek, dry creek, spring fed creek, live water, standing water, rain water, water front, and a few more types of water that are dealt with when discussing water issues.  When we first settled this land, we got a “bundle of right” and this was basically rights to everything from the surface to the center of earth and from the surface to everything above the land.  Wow, have we lost our bundle of rights over the years?  We are now “stewards of the land.”  The government is taking our rights at a great rate.  Texas is in the process of “taking” 2,400 miles of a 200 foot swath of land for new power lines.  That is over 58,000 acres!  What do you think about this?  More to come.


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I have a passion for the great outdoors. I love to take kids hunting for the first time. I broker Texas ranches in between.
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